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Pure Basement Systems: The company to provide you with a complete waterproofing service for your projects

If you’re considering a basement waterproofing or basement conversion project at a client’s property or at your own development, Pure Basement Systems are the professional basement waterproofing contractors you can trust.

Pure have a wealth of experience of successfully completing basement waterproofing projects on new build properties, basement refurbishment schemes and on commercial properties.

Pure’s CSSW (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) Qualified and experienced surveyors will provide you with expert advice throughout your project to ensure your basement waterproofing system is robust and effective and will protect your property against the risk of damage from water ingress (flooding) and dampness.

Pure Basement Systems offer a comprehensive basement waterproofing system design, installation and ongoing maintenance service.

It is crucial that basement waterproofing is considered at design stage to ensure that the specified basement waterproofing system can be correctly adopted into the overall build.

There are three types of generic waterproofing system as outlined in the current British Standard BS8012 – 2009 “Code of Practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground”:-

  • Type A (barrier) protection – comprises of a barrier system which is applied to the structure externally, internally or within the structure with the goal of precluding water ingress/ dampness.
  • Type B (structurally integral) protection – comprises of the structure itself providing resistance to water ingress/dampness.
  • Type C (drained protection) – comprises of an integral drainage system which manages water ingress/dampness and prevents it from affecting the usable space.

Basement Contractors for all types of Properties and Projects

Basement Waterproofing Contractors select from one or a number of the above generic waterproofing systems dependent on the individual property’s risks when considering waterproofing design. The type of project, risk of water ingress/dampness and over-all buildability for the project should all be considered when selecting the appropriate waterproofing system(s).

It is not uncommon for new build projects to have a combined system of waterproofing which adopts two or three of the generic waterproofing systems.

Waterproofing Basements and safe-guarding your Project’s budget

Poorly implemented basement waterproofing can offer unpredictable and extremely costly and distressing results if not carried out by experienced, suitably qualified professionals using purpose made high quality equipment and materials.

Internal dampness and water ingress (flooding) will occur as a result of a poorly designed, inadequate waterproofing system. This will result in significant damage to your client’s property and their possessions which will be extremely costly and disruptive to remediate, it can also be pretty embarrassing and costly to your reputation too.

Pure Basement Systems trained and experienced surveyors and installation technicians will help you to remove the risk of water ingress (flooding) and dampness in your basement conversion through:

  • A thorough professional survey of your property and assessment of the risks presenting
  • Accurate, evidence based waterproofing system design and material specification
  • Professional technical installation of the waterproofing system specified
  • Planned post-installation maintenance program

What problems will a Specialist Waterproofing Company solve?

Early Consultation with a Basement Waterproofing Design Specialist is critical.

The Waterproofing Design Specialist will provide you with a specification for waterproofing of the structure and discuss other important aspects of the build/project with you.

It’s important to allocate time for installation in the program of works and important that the system can be tested after installation. Without consultation with an experienced waterproofing design specialist at an early stage vital enabling or allied components to the overall waterproofing scheme could be missed.

Speak to a Specialist at Feasibility Stage. Recruiting an experienced CCSW Surveyor and Waterproofing Design Specialist at an early stage will reduce the level of risk in terms of waterproofing at your project and help to ensure that installation time does not extend the overall site program.




Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed Quality


Our Process

Our Process


  • I would definitely recommend pure basement systems. Michael is so helpful and unlike other companies taylors the work around your needs.

    Mr H, Leeds

  • A superb conversion, using skilled trades people. Fantastic warm dry family living space, exactly what we asked for.

    Mr S, Harrogate

  • The basement conversion is superb, I don’t have any negative comments about Pure – I would be happy to recommend.

    Mrs B, Leeds

  • We struggled to find someone we could trust to do the cellar bathroom for us. Pure said they offered a no fuss, reliable service and they do – a quality finish too.

    Mrs D, Leeds

  • We wanted our cellar to become a clean dry store room, and pure basements did a fantastic job of this converting the cellar from a very wet and cold space.

    Miss H, Huddersfield

  • Pure Basement Systems are reliable, professional and offer good quality sound advice. It was important that we obtained good advice….

    Mr F, London

  • We have used Pure Basement Systems twice now for basement conversions in York. Their service is superb, they are reliable, their installers are professional

    C Construction, York

  • Just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic job your team have done on our cellar conversion………..we will be working together again soon and I have already recommended you.

    Mr & Mrs C, Leeds

  • Pure were reliable and always arrived on site promptly wearing the appropriate PPE. The installation was quick and straight forward.

    Project Manager, Scalby

  • Pure Basement Systems were very good to work with. They are clearly experienced in Basement Waterproofing.

    Damrak, Amsterdam



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Why choose a specialist?

Why choose a specialist?

When your reputation matters, you need a specialist CSSW Surveyor.

Waterproofing and Tanking

Waterproofing and Tanking

Pure can work with you every step of the way, from planning through to install.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Ensuring we work to code of conduct. No accidents in 5 years.

Damrak Retail Amsterdam

Damrak Retail Amsterdam

See how we helped this client achieve a dry, usable retail storage space.

Commercial Surveys

Commercial Surveys

Minimise risk and consult us at feasibility stage. We can plan & design.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Find out who will be consulting, managing and rolling out your conversion.